Month: January 2016

The Plan Ahead

Excuse Me, What Have You Been Doing?

It appears I’ve been hopeless at writing on here lately. I have let you guys down; I haven’t posted in over a month. Don’t hesitate; tell me, “You really need to up your game”. Therefore, I’ve dedicated some time to set out a plan and brainstorm a bunch of topics. This is probably why I drop off the Blogosphere so many times; I find something I really want to tell you about, post it and then have no indication to what I will do next. Guys, I want to make a promise, I’m going to make an effort to actually Blog properly from this day forward, with my plan in hand. So what the hell have I been doing? A little and a lot has been happening lately. While we have been up to lots since I last posted we have actually been in Australia for 5 months now (that’s much longer than we anticipated). After our trip to Cairns Beth and I landed ourselves some jobs. The job involved approaching strangers on the street, …