Month: October 2016

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Are You Prepared For The Tongariro Alpine Crossing?

Is the weather okay? Its winter, but it seems fine, then again who knows which way it could turn. Do I have the right equipment and clothing? I have a few cookies, walking pants and walking shoes. Am I healthy enough? I hardly exercise and I’m an ex-smoker, probably not.  These were the questions presented to me upon a rather intimidating sign at the beginning of the trek, alongside the word “STOP” in bold lettering. Taking my answers into account, I probably should have considered turning back then. This ought to have been my first indication that I was not prepared for the 19.6-kilometre Tongariro Alpline Crossing trek. Nonetheless, we decided to proceed regardless. By the time we reached Soda Spings I was already wondering if we’d completed The Devils Staircase. I would soon come to realise that it would reveal itself soon enough. Flights of wooden stairs have been built right into the mountainside. The incline was too big for this shorty, but as J.R.R. Tolkien once said: “even the smallest person can change the …