Month: January 2017


Top 10 Apps For Blogging On The Go

One of the great things about blogging is you can virtually do it anywhere. You can write, share, create awesome imagery, check your stats and plenty more, all from your mobile. Gone are the days when you needed to be sat at your desktop or workstation in order to create blog content. You can now simply reach into your pocket and do it all from your mobile. This has been extremely useful while I’ve been travelling the world. If I have a sudden serge of inspiration all I need to-do is reach into my pocket and start creating. Whether you’re chillaxing on the beach (jealous much) or twiddling your thumbs on a long overnight bus, you can edit and a publish posts. It’s that easy. The rise of numerous innovative apps means you can take your digital life with you wherever you go. Making blogging on the go (especially for backpackers) easier than ever. In this article I’ll show you the most useful free apps to start blogging on the go. Canva Canva makes design simple for everyone. Easily create beautiful …


New Thomas Cook Ad Features Gay Kiss

It’s always great when a brand chooses to use a same-sex couples in their advertisements. Thomas Cook has just realised it’s a new ad featuring a gay kiss, and I think that’s pretty awesome. After an incident with Thomas Cook, involving a lesbian couple who complained after being told to just “act as friends or siblings” on their honeymoon in a country where being gay is illegal. I guess Thomas Cook had some making up to do. Personally, when I see ads that feature the LGBT community it makes me view that brand in a whole different light. It shows that they are viewing me as someone they wish to target. They are showing that we are just as much a part of everyday life, a normal human being, the same as any other couple. It definitely needs to be part of a brand’s responsibility to fly the flag for the LGBT community. I think that a lot of brands are bringing see the importance of representing everyone in society within their adverts. According to …