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5 Things We Did In Sydney

5 Things We Did In Sydney

After a long (extended) 7 months on The Gold Coast, Australia Beth and I have finally departed. From here on out we will be travelling for real.

Leaving was very strange. The Gold Coast has become a second home for us both. It was really sad not knowing when we will get the chance to come back. However, it’s time for the real adventure to begin. Our first stop Sydney. I’ve compiled a list of five things we got up to during the first leg of our journey.

A Walk Along The Harbour BridgeWalked Along The Harbour Bridge Sydney

After a long day walking around Sydney I made Beth (reluctantly) walk along The Harbour Bridge. Even though she’s a little scared of heights I think she still enjoyed it. On the other-hand I absolutely loved every minute of it. There was a bit of movement, but that was only when we had stopped for a quick selfie. This day was my favourite overall, a fun filled day of sightseeing, museums and being real tourists. 

Beers Outside The Opera House 

Beers At The Opera House Sydney

Even though when I first saw the Opera House I was disappointed by its cream completion it was still a beautiful sight. It was crazy that I was seeing something I’ve seen on TV a thousand times. We took too many pictures (my hair was blowing everywhere). We then had a few beers at the Opera House bar and made a toast to our adventure ahead.

Celebrated Being Gay At Mardi Gras

 Celebarted Being Gay At Mardi Gras SydneySydney’s Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras conveniently fell when Beth and I were there. This meant that we got the pleasure of experiencing one of the largest LGBT festivals in the world. It was definitely the biggest gay festival I have ever seen. We loved every minute, it made Sydney even more awesome, it felt as though this was the kind of place where we could be truly comfortable as a couple.

Didn’t Watch The Australia Open of Surfing

Australian Open Of surfingWe made our way to Manly Beach in Sydney by ferry, excited to watch some professional surfers. We arrived and it was still busy. Lots going on , stalls and masses of people on the beach, the only problem was the surfing had actually finished by the time we got there. Beth was pretty disappointed. Nonetheless, It was still great, we still got to watch some cool skating and watch non-professional surfers. The day didn’t quite go as we had hoped, but it was still an awesome! We got the ferry back, enjoying the sights of the Harbour Bridge and Opera house on our return. What more could we really ask for?

Visited Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach SydneyA trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic Bondi Beach. While it’s a little bit disappointing in matter of its size (it’s basically a cove) I still loved it all! We had a chip shop dinner, wandered around Bondi and then sunbathed. We even stopped for a spot of our favourite pastime, people watching, there was a film crew filming models rolling around in the sand, flopping in the water and trying (failing) to play Frisbee!

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