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5 Videos That Will Give You Travel Inspiration

Travel Inspiration

I absolutely love watching travel videos online. They provide a lot of travel inspiration and give me a real buzz to get back out there are see different places or even return to places I’ve been before.

Here are five beautiful videos that will give you mega travel inspiration. Whether you looking for a holiday or planning on a big adventure around the world, these videos will definitely make you want to act now and get out and see the world and what it has to offer.


Always loved this video, aesthetically it’s beautiful. Simply just a guy walking towards you with so many beautiful interesting places behind him. Reminding you to keep moving.


World-renowned filmmaker James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron spent four days taking in the natural wonders of New Zealand’s spectacular South Island. I wish I was back in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful, jaw dropping, inspirational countries I’ve ever set my sights on.


FunForLouis makes daily video blogs traveling the world. He enjoys travel with his friends and loves to inspire others. And thats definitely what he does, intact he makes me jealous.


Alan Watts always has some pretty inspirational words. This one in particular is about living life fully now. I think thats something we need to learn to do in everyday life. But if you want to travel or see somewhere beautiful, you have to just live for now and do it. And when you are there don’t be thinking of home, just be thinking of living in that exact moment.


Don’t regret what you didn’t do.


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