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5 Backpack Essential Gadgets You Actually Need

Backpack Gadgets you need

As backpackers we are constantly told to travel light. This makes it somewhat confusing when we just want to know what the essentials actually are. When it comes to gadgets we can get a little carried away, everything seems like an essential we can’t do without.

There’s many blogs telling you what you do and do not need. This doesn’t really make things any easier. After carrying around probably too many gadgets and coming to a conclusion of what I could do without or even stuff I wish I brought with me I’ve put together a list of five gadgets you actually need. Just the bare essentials, nothing else.

Here is a rundown of the backpack essential gadgets no backpacker should do without:

backpack essential gadgets 1A Camera

You most certainly will need a camera so you can take pretty snapshots of all your adventures. One camera will do. You don’t need different cameras for each individual purposes. Neither do you need different lenses and equipment. I had a DLSR and sold it in exchange for a smaller, seconded hand bridge camera. I didn’t pay much for it and it takes pretty good videos and pictures, that’s all I need it for.

backpack essential gadgets 2SD Cards (Plural)

Now you need memory for that camera and lots of it. I would suggest buying a few SD cards (memory cards for your cameras) at different sizes. I bought two 32GB and a few 2GB cards. I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. If goes missing or breaks I won’t lose all my photographs. That would be devastating.

backpack essential gadgets 3A Power Bank

For the moments when you run out of battery, this will be a life saver, especially when you’re travelling on the dreaded sleeping bus. I made the mistake of getting one with not that much power. It can only charge my phone fully once. If I forget to charge it before departing for the bus or I have more than one thing that needs some power, I never have enough. So buy one with enough power for a few charges.

backpack essential gadgets 4Worldwide Plug Adaptor

When you do have power sockets you are probably going to want to use them. This is probably one of the most essential gadgets you will need. Don’t take individual plugs for each country. These babies can be used in over 150 countries. This will save you a lot of money buying separate adaptors.

backpack essential gadgets 5A Kindle

Bookworm or not you’re probably going to do some reading on your travels, reading travel guides and lonely planet books. Most blogs tell you not to take books with you because they are too heavy. Why not take them all, in fact take a whole library full. A Kindle holds over 3,500 books on it, so I don’t think you will quite run out of reading material. Plus, paying for books is much cheaper when they are digital, a Kindle is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Here you have it, 5 essential gadgets you are actually going to need on your travels. If you found these tips useful why not share them with your friends…

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