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5 Things We Did In Sydney

5 Things We Did In Sydney

After a long (extended) 7 months on The Gold Coast, Australia Beth and I have finally departed. From here on out we will be travelling for real. Leaving was very strange. The Gold Coast has become a second home for us both. It was really sad not knowing when we will get the chance to come back. However, it’s time for the real adventure to begin. Our first stop Sydney. I’ve compiled a list of five things we got up to during the first leg of our journey. A Walk Along The Harbour Bridge After a long day walking around Sydney I made Beth (reluctantly) walk along The Harbour Bridge. Even though she’s a little scared of heights I think she still enjoyed it. On the other-hand I absolutely loved every minute of it. There was a bit of movement, but that was only when we had stopped for a quick selfie. This day was my favourite overall, a fun filled day of sightseeing, museums and being real tourists.  Beers Outside The Opera House  Even …

The Plan Ahead

Excuse Me, What Have You Been Doing?

It appears I’ve been hopeless at writing on here lately. I have let you guys down; I haven’t posted in over a month. Don’t hesitate; tell me, “You really need to up your game”. Therefore, I’ve dedicated some time to set out a plan and brainstorm a bunch of topics. This is probably why I drop off the Blogosphere so many times; I find something I really want to tell you about, post it and then have no indication to what I will do next. Guys, I want to make a promise, I’m going to make an effort to actually Blog properly from this day forward, with my plan in hand. So what the hell have I been doing? A little and a lot has been happening lately. While we have been up to lots since I last posted we have actually been in Australia for 5 months now (that’s much longer than we anticipated). After our trip to Cairns Beth and I landed ourselves some jobs. The job involved approaching strangers on the street, …

Gold Coast To Cairns Travel Photo Diary

Gold Coast To Cairns

Last week I wrote about our trip from the Gold Coast to Cairns so I decided to put together a photo diary of just a few of the pictures from our adventure. We made our way to Noosa then Hervey Bay. Plus our trip to Fraser Island. We walked through the rainforest and swam in Lake Mackenzie. We then travelled to Agnes Water, where we watched sunsets and drove a motorbike around beautiful hills. Then we made our way to Airlie Beach to snorkel and visit the Witsunday Islands. We stopped in Townsville and visited the The Billabong Sanctuary, petted Kangaroos and fed Turtles. Then we travelled to our last stop Cairns to snorkel with the fish and visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Gold Coast To Cairns In 17 Days

Gold Coast To Cairns In 17 Days

After taking on board some helpful suggestions we decided to put our trip to Cairns forward (due to the wet season ahead). This also meant we would return back to the Gold Coast in prime time to get jobs. We allocated a short 17 day trip from the 2nd September to the 18th, stopping at a few destinations along the way. We also thought this would be a great introduction to travelling. Three things we did in… MADE A ROOKIE MISTAKE We didn’t realize most hostels offer a free pick up from the bus station. Beth and I arrived in Noosa and wandered around carrying our full rucksacks questioning “why had we brought so many unnecessary things”, this was only supposed to be a short trip (you can tell we aren’t experienced backpackers) FELT AWKWARD Stuck in a room with two ‘smelly’ boys who weren’t welcoming, we felt rather awkward (especially when one of them came out of the bathroom in just his towel). Maybe we felt more uncomfortable because we haven’t done anything like this before. We needed time to adjust …

To Australia And Beyond

The beginning of our big adventure has finally arrived. We’re flying to the other side of the world, Australia, to the land down under. First stop, Beth’s uncle Mikes, then our travels begin from there. I’m both apprehensive and excited, but I’m looking forward to reaching outside of my comfort zone. I spent most of the day last minute packing, wandering around aimlessly like a lost puppy. I had a lot to do, but didn’t know where to start. Mum and Dad made me my last breakfast (which happened to be a full English). I couldn’t quite finish it all, I was so nervous I couldn’t eat. We made our way to the airport and it still didn’t feel real. My mum, dad and me in one car, my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew in another. Even when we arrived at the airport it still hadn’t sunk in. Beth and I checked in and then it was the time for the hard part… saying goodbye to our families. Leaving my mum was the hardest. …

Travel Annoucement

Travel Announcement

I have an announcement (hence the title). After an extensive amount of deliberation, discussion and saving my girlfriend and I have made our very first steps into travelling (backpacks here we come). We have booked our one way ticket to Australia. This will be the start of our adventure. After a long time of deliberation, discussion and saving my girlfriend and I have made our very first steps into the daunting, yet exciting path of travelling. We have booked a one way ticket to Australia. The plan has always been on the cards (a dream, a hopeful possibility). We have discussed and debated for a long time, “when we should go”, “how much money do we need to save”. We bagged ourselves some jobs (I really liked mine, which made it more difficult to leave), scrimped and saved, then suddenly it was time to make that dream a reality. And here we are now with an real life date for the big adventure. Our first stop is Australia, we will stay with my girlfriends uncle on …