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How To Save Money To Travel The World

How To Save Money To Travel The World

Are you planning an adventure of a lifetime, but need cash to make these dreams a reality?

As we all know, there are numerous amounts of expenses you will need to take into account when you are planning your next trip. Expenditures include not just the essentials like food and accommodation; you may also need to pay off things such as student loans before you depart.

Budgeting isn’t always easy, but if you change your mindset in regard to money, it can actually be pretty simple. Here are a few things you can do to save money to travel the world:

Live Within Your Means

Take your monthly paycheck and half it, save the rest. You don’t need it all. If you really want to travel the world you’ll find a way to live for less. Set up a direct debit so you’re not tempted to dip into it. Allocate how much you need to spend each week and stick to it. If  you’re lucky you may even have money left over your budget, put that into your savings too. Why do you think people with money still complain they’re broke? We live within our means, the less you have, the less you spend.

DIY Lunch

Cut down on eating out or buying lunch. No more takeaways (that includes Dominos pizza, even on Two For Tuesday). It will be worth it in more ways than one, for your bank balance and for your health. Start taking your own lunch to work. I stopped taking any money at all, if I didn’t have it, I couldn’t use it.

Public Transport

I can’t actually drive but I thought this one was worth mentioning. If your serious about travelling the world sell your car and hitch a ride (car sharing) to work or use public transport.  It makes sense, you won’t have to pay for car insurance, petrol or car servicing. Luckily, my dad was my personal taxi to work.

Work More

Start looking for a part-time job. Whether it is walking the neighbour’s dog, delivering newspapers, babysitting or helping your parents clean the car, it’s extra money in your back pocket.

Going Once, Going Twice

Clear out and sell your unwanted things. You will be surprised with what you find. I sorted through clothes and gave them to a clothes bank in exchange for some extra cash.  It wasn’t much, but every penny counts. If you don’t have time to sell items online, try Cash Converters. They offer a lower price, but it’s a simple way to increase your travel savings and they take all sorts of random items. If you still have the original packaging this can increase how much it will sell for, so dig out your old boxes before selling them on.

Go Secondhand

If you need something you can almost always find it secondhand for a great price. A lot of things look practically brand new. I bought a secondhand camera before I embarked on my travels for a really cheap price. I didn’t spend a lot and it also means I can be less protective over it and actually make use of it.

Pennies And Pounds, Money Doesn’t Save Itself

Money jars are a fun way of seeing your travel funds grow. Any spare change goes straight into the money jar. If I have money in my purse I’ll waste it on random stuff that I don’t need. While some people just save their pennies I like to put larger coins and notes in there too. When you open it up and count it you will be pleasantly surprised.

Lights Off

If you’re paying the bills at home you should probably turn off the lights. Utility bills can cost you a fortune if you don’t make a conscious effort. If your living with parents, I’d still suggest turning the lights off anyway, your mum will appreciate the gesture.

Change Your Lifestyle

You probably don’t really need that new pair of jeans from Topshop. Cut down on beauty services, it’s so expensive and you’re beautiful the way you are. Also, I don’t suggest you cut off your social life (no one expects you to be a hermit), but declining a few invitations will help your bank balance. Weekends can literally wipe out your savings in one. It’s a big sacrifice I know, but no pain no gain.

Cancel Subscriptions

Reconsider some of your ongoing expenses. Do you really need cable? Start cancelling things such as Gym Memberships, magazine memberships, Spotify and Netflix etc. Consider what you will be using when you are travelling and start to cut these things out of you monthly costs now. You could also downgrade your phone plan, it’s time to make some cutbacks if you really want to reach your goal.

Saving money isn’t easy. It takes work and sacrifice. But it is worth it to make your dream of travelling the world come true.

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