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Laos Travel Photo Diary

After Chiang Mai we decided to leave Thailand and head for Laos on the slow boat. The slow boat is a three day journey, which isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Laos Travel Photo Diary Border

Travelling to Laos involved a bus journey to the border town Chiang Khong and stopping overnight. Accommodation was provided in the package we bought through our hostel in for the Slow Boat. The rooms were little wooden shacks with a fan and mosquito net. I had to get into Beth’s bed because mine was ripped. The next day we had another bus ride to the border. Our visa was stamped and paid for and then we were in Laos. Now for the two day Slow Boat to Laung Probang.

Laos Travel Photo Diary Slow Boat

When I first set eyes on the Slow Boat I thought: “Damn this is going to be a rough two days”, but it was actually a smooth trip. An awesome way to see the beautiful scenery.

It was lovely passing the villages along the river. Locals got on and off, it was an interesting way to see a bit of Laos life.

However, the river is really dirty, heaps of rubbish floated along with us, it’s such a shame to ruin such a beautiful place. There is also a lot of drinking on the boat, which I didn’t mind.

There is some wonderful street food in Laos. Ill have to admit though this was one stall I didn’t find appealing. I prefer my food without their eyes intact.

Laos Travel Photo Diary Street Food

Kuang Si Waterfall is spectacular. We jumped in a Tuk Tuk with around 8 others from our hostel and a bumpy half an our later we were there. I was a little unsure about the bear sanctuary you have to walk through to get to the waterfall, how humane it is I am not too sure? Arriving at the first waterfall was incredible bright blue water surrounded by lush green forest, just beautiful. From there it got better and better. We made our way up past more and more waterfalls until we arrived at the main stunning waterfall pictured above. My only advice, don’t bother climbing to the top. We scrambled up in flip flops (not the best footwear) expecting to see amazing views from the top… but no… nothing but trees. All that hard work and we couldn’t see a thing. After scrambling back down we all jumped in for a swim. The water was freezing but so worth it! This is a must visit in Laos.

This night was probably one of my favourites in Laos. We ventured out for a few drinks with our new friends from the Slow Boat in Laung Probang, we went to a bar called Eureka. It was extremely dark, but from what I could see it was a really cool place. The only place that sells drinks after 11 in Laung Probang happens to be a Bowling Ally, when last orders were up we all headed there. It was a strange night that got even more random when we noticed a wedding and decided to invite ourselves. The people were lovely and for some reason were so happy we was there. They gave us free drinks and danced with us. I really do love the randomness of Laos.

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