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Lesbian Travel Bloggers You Should Be Reading

Lesbian Travel Bloggers You Should Be Reading

I’ve been writing a lot lately about traveling the world with my girlfriend, so I started looking for fellow bloggers like myself. There is an abundance of gay men writing travel blogs, but so few lesbian travel bloggers?

Travel blogging has become a huge industry, with everybody and anybody blogging about their travel experiences. But, when it comes to lesbian travel bloggers they are few and far between. Personally, these bloggers offer stories I can relate to. They offer a certain humour and perspective about travel, while pushing the boundaries in regards to LGBT issues.

So I put together an ultimate list of lesbian travel bloggers that I could find. Now I know there must be more of you out there. Check out the bloggers I’ve listed and make sure you share any I’ve missed, including your own.

Lez Backpack

Melissa a lesbian travel blogger started Lez Backpack in the hope to encourage other females to see the world. Lez Backpack is a lifestyle and travel blog. Her writing focuses on cultural differences, providing helpful tips for other LGBT travelers.

Follow Lez Backpack On: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A Lesbian Suitcase

Alli and Ausha a couple who love to travel outside their 9 to 5 jobs. These lesbian travel bloggers give you a glimpse of their world wind adventures.

Follow A Lesbian Suitcase: Facebook Twitter Instagram

2 Moms Travel

Lara and Deb have two young children, together as a family they love to travel. 2 Moms Travel is inspiring same-sex couples and families to explore any destination, despite discrimination.

Follow 2 Moms Travel: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dopes On The Road

Dopes on the Road was created by Meg Cale a LGBTQ revolutionary, speaking at conferences around the world for over 10 years. She is devoted to inspiring and equipping LGBT travelers. Meg is likely to be one of the most prominent lesbian travel bloggers there is.

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Hols And bear

Hols and Bear are a lesbian couple who travel the world together. Posting both videos and blogs along the way, sharing plenty of laughs and advice. Their humour is both endearing and inspiring, you won’t stop watching.

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The Freedom Travellers

One Brit and one Aussie. Victoria and Elaina are a travel blogging couple who love to travel the world. 2 years ago they quit their jobs to live a life of freedom and choice, they haven’t looked back since.

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Les Talk More Travel

Leslie a travel blogger from canada. She occasionally writes about LGBT related issues and lesbian travel. Writing about both local and international adventures.

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Travel With MK

Mei and Kerstin are two lesbian travel bloggers who write about exploring the world together.

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We Are Waterproof

Erinn and Ce’lene a lesbian travel blogging power couple who also create video blogs about their travel adventures together.

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Lez Wander The World

Zoey and Mari started their travel adventures separately only to combine forces in Thailand. They now travel together and have created a wonderful travel blog to share their stories.

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Globetrotter Girls

Sharing stories related to what it’s like to be a gay or lesbian traveler. She also publishes guest posts by fellow LGBT travelers who share stories and experiences.

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Now I know there must be more lesbian travel bloggers out there. I’m always looking for more, make sure you share any I have missed, whether it’s your own or blogs you love reading and I will try and add it to the list as soon as possible. Just comment bellow.

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    • Hay Ella, me too I find it hard to find them though do you? You’re most welcome. I’ll definitly check out your and try and add it to the list as soon as possible.

  1. Hello, Jessie!
    Great names to add to my reading list! If you want, you may consider adding my blog (if it fits your requirements). I”m a lesbian who hikes and travels and write about it: A Woman Afoot.


    • Hay, i’ll def consider your blog. Checking it out now. So happy I started this list love finding more lesbian travel bloggers.

      Thanks for sharing yours! 😀

  2. toneverland2018 says

    Hi Jessie! Another here 🙂 Our blog is only 11 days old, but we’re blogging from the moment we made the decision, through the planning, setting up a travel blog until we quit our jobs, get married and hop on a plane. We’re under the pseudonyms Chloe & Amy until we’ve quit, as we could lose our jobs if we’re found out!

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