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Melbourne Travel Photo Diary

Melbourne Travel Photo Diary

After an amazing trip to the beautiful city that is Sydney, our next stop was the stylish, dynamic Melbourne.

I‘d already heard such great things about Melbourne, a lot of people even saying they preferred it to Sydney. This made me extremely excited. Here are some photos from my time in Melbourne.

The vintage trams are one of my favourite things about Melbourne. They circle the city, you can hop on and hop off for absolute free, it’s called the City Circle Line. If you look closely you may see the driver putting up a peace sign at me. While they are a little slow it’s definite worth the wait.

Melbourne has plenty of galleries and museums to get dug in to. We spent a whole day visiting various galleries. My favourite was the Australian Center Of Moving Image.

I was really excited to see the iconic bathing boxes on Brighton beach. I even went as far as taking a photo in front of lots of the (I was debating all of them, but I don’t think Beth would let me).

After our long walk around Brighton Beach we decided to go and see the Penguins at St Kilda breakwater. Here lives a colony of little penguins, they return home every night at sunset. We couldn’t get any photos because the flash can frighten them. I adhered to these rules, others didn’t and this annoyed me.

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