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New Thomas Cook Ad Features Gay Kiss


It’s always great when a brand chooses to use a same-sex couples in their advertisements. Thomas Cook has just realised it’s a new ad featuring a gay kiss, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

After an incident with Thomas Cook, involving a lesbian couple who complained after being told to just “act as friends or siblings” on their honeymoon in a country where being gay is illegal. I guess Thomas Cook had some making up to do.

Personally, when I see ads that feature the LGBT community it makes me view that brand in a whole different light. It shows that they are viewing me as someone they wish to target. They are showing that we are just as much a part of everyday life, a normal human being, the same as any other couple. It definitely needs to be part of a brand’s responsibility to fly the flag for the LGBT community.

I think that a lot of brands are bringing see the importance of representing everyone in society within their adverts. According to A Marketing Week study it revealed that 32% of marketers have used ‘more’ images of homosexual couples over the last 12 months. Which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Here is the new Thomas Cook Ad released on Christmas Day. I think this is great. It’s extremely important that the LGBT community is represented in advertising. Hopefully, we see more ads like this one in the future.

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  1. David Cunningham says

    All part of the campaign by the liberall left, it does not reflect my values. I will not use Thomas Cook. Obviously a big market for TC the LGBT cash cow.
    All part of the NWO and globalisation and we are all aware what kind of mess the world is in.

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