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Packing Problems

Packing Problems

I guess it’s about time I started packing, we lift off in 3 days. Our flight is on the 18th August, but it still doesn’t seem real. How am I flying to the other side of the world, where everything is upside down and the wrong way round (apart from the roads) in 3 whole days. This is crazy (and I don’t even like flying).

For those who missed some of my earlier post I’ll explain a little bit about the adventure ahead. We booked a one way ticket to Australia a few months back. Flying on the 18th, arriving in the future, the 21st. From there we will be staying on the Gold Coast with Beth’s uncle. Jobs will be needed to save a few more pennies (cents). Then after a few months we can travel Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South America. In all we have predicted this should be a year long trip. But as I’ve said this is a basic plan and is subject to change along the way. However, this is the good thing, we have a open canvas, we are open to change along the way.

We’ve done lots of shopping, spent too much of our savings trying to prepare for every eventuality.

It has been difficult because we are going to stay with Beth’s uncle for a while first, so It’s hard packing for two types of adventures. We have basically packed some extra things for our time on the Gold Coast and plan to decrease our items later when we move onto real backpacking.

I’m not sure I will ever fully believe I have packed everything I need. It’s one of the most difficult things ever, packing a whole year into a backpack and 1 mini suitcase.

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