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Sydney Travel Photo Diary

Sydney Travel Photo Diary

Following a wonderful trip in Sydney I’ve created a Sydney Travel Photo Diary. Hopefully you enjoy some of the snapshots I took along the way.

You can also find a list of ‘5 Things We Did In Sydney‘ which gives you a run down of the things I got up to. Hopefully you find it useful.

Sydney Travel Surfboard artOn our failed trip to see the Australian Open Of Surfing on Sydney’s Manly Beach we still came across some pretty cool stuff. I fell in love with these surf board art pieces, especially this one that reads: ‘OMG!! We forgot to save the planet!’.

Sydney Travel Opera HouseSydney Travel Opera HouseA ‘Sydney Travel Photo Diary’ isn’t complete without a picture of The Opera House. Please note, it’s not white, it’s an ‘off cream’ colour, it looks like it needs a good scrub. As you may have guessed I was rather disappointed by its complexion. Don’t worry it’s still beautiful the way it is.

Sydney Travel Harbour BridgeThis is just a few moments before I told Beth she had to walk across the Harbour Bridge or I won’t love her any more … Ay I’m not that mean (or am I?)

Sydney Travel Harbour BridgeWalking across The Harbour Bridge. Beth wasn’t too sure, but I absolutely loved it. There are some beautiful views of the Opera House too and it only feels wobbly if you stop walking.

Sydney Travel Bondi BeachThis wonderful street art can be found on Bondi Beach. A wall surrounds the beach and features this awesome creative graffiti art.

Sydney Travel BirdsAfter a long walk sight seeing we needed a sit down, this I where I made a new friend (I believe his name is Ralf). This mini bird was pestering for food. He was so cute, I just couldn’t resist. I know this doesn’t really scream out ‘This is Sydney’, but Ralf was too damn tiny.

Sydney Travel Mardi GrasSydney Travel Mardi GrasSydney Travel Mardi Gras Dykes on BikesThe beautiful sights at Mardi Gras. Biggest LGBT festival I have ever been to and scratch off my bucket list. My favourite were the Dykes on Bikes, I felt like I was on an episode of Lword (I was looking for Alice). It was a spectacularly gay day.

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