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Three Social Media Mix-ups

To begin I’m not writing this post claiming to be some social media expert, who uses social media so profusely that when I tweet everyone takes notice. I could tweet and it would result in…

three social media mix-ups harry styles
… (No, that’s just odd!).

There is no such thing as an expert; it’s all an experiment. I’m just someone who uses social media regularly, who notices a few things people persist in doing. Each platform works differently. They may all be starting to look and feel alike, but each is different, each has a different purpose. I just can’t help but notice these social mix-ups.

1: Posting Instagram Photos On Twitter

When you post an Instagram picture on Twitter it actually appears as a link. Twitter has even taken steps to suggest people stop posting photos from Instagram to the social network. A number of Twitter’s ‘verified’ users recently received an in-app alert, which reminded them to post their photos directly on Twitter to make sure your fans always see them.

three social media mix-ups instagram
Yes, that’s me! Twitter NOT Instagram

2: Posting Hashtags On LinkedIn

When we talk about hashtags, in most people’s minds they are primarily part of the Twitter ecosystem. LinkedIn did roll out hashtags, but they withdrew hashtag integration. I think unless it’s being used for comical effect, please I would refrain from using the hashtag on #LinkedIn!

three social media mix-ups linkedin
Twitter and pretty much every other social network, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr, but NOT LinkedIn

3: Changing Your Profile Photo On Twitter

I predict that your Facebook friends are mostly people who would recognise you if you passed in the street. I also predict that those who follow you on Twitter would not. Therefore, your profile picture (or avatar) becomes the image they recognise. It’s the first thing they see on their timeline, apart from your Twitter handle it’s how people recognise you. When you change it regularly, your followers miss your tweets.

But remember don’t be the egg, unless… you are a egg.

three social media mix-ups twitter
Twitter NOT Facebook

Have you ever fallen foul of any of these social mix-ups? What social mix-ups can’t help notice. Have I missed any? I suspect there are copious amounts. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. “Posting Instagram Photos On Twitter”.

    Ahhh, this one I was always a bit confused about. See, my Instagram app’s connection to Twitter doesn’t work, so if I want to attract my Twitter followers to my Instagram feed I have to copy the Instagram link into a tweet manually. If I’m doing that, I can easily attach the photo as well … I just never know if I should be! 🙂

    • That’s a good idea, share the link to the Instagram photo and share the image on Twitter so they can find your Instagram profile in each picture. Great idea, I’m going to use this one. Thanks for the tip!!! Haha


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