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Top Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading

Top Travel Blogs You Should Be Reading

I’ve been reading plenty of Travel blogs recently, my girlfriend and I are on our first around the world trip together so we need as much advice as possible.

I find that blogs are a great source for tips, inspiration and they definitely help when we are planning our adventure. I’ve put together a list of the top travel blogs I’m reading, which means you probably should be too.

Where Is Noodles?

Noodles is Nikki’s nickname, she was bitten by the travel bug in 2014. She has travelled across four different continents, Africa, US, Asia and Oceania.  She writes about everything from weekend city breaks to long-term backpacking trip, offering inspirational stories, travel tips and more.

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Backpacker Banter

Written by Chris a travelling surfer (how cool is he?), he has been travelling since 2009. He has heaps of travel tips and stories about his time on the road. He offers budgeting advice, there are heaps cost per country breakdowns, which are super helpful for a newbie traveller like myself.

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I Am Aileen

Aileen quit her job in the Philippines 2 years ago and now sustains her travel lifestyle through Blogging and entrepreneurship.  She offers personal travel stories, travel hacks, guides and tips. Her mission is to show it is absolutely possible for anyone to travel the world no matter their circumstances.

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Migrating Miss

Sonja never really stayed still, she moved to the US when she was a ‘wee’ 16 year old and has been fascinated ever since. She loves travel and wants to encourage others to as well. A serial migrator, originally from New Zealand and lived in the US, Canada, Australia, Scotland and Spain. She really inspires you not to settle in staying put.

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Big World Small Pockets

Steph is a self-confessed travel addict. She left home at 19 for a 6 month adventure in Southern Africa and has had itch feet ever since.  She offers loads of budget travel advice.

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I would love more suggestions, as we all know there are some wonderful travel of blogs out there and I’m always looking for more. Please share, even if it be your own. Please aid my discovery (pretty please), the more tips the better for a newbie traveller.

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