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Why I Fell In Love With Vietnam

Why I Fell In Love With Vietnam

I fell completely in love with Vietnam, now one of my favourite countries in the world which I hope I get the chance to return to. Here’s why I fell in love with Vietnam.

You don’t have to search online for long to find that travellers either love or hate Vietnam. There’s a lot of littering, pollution, scams (but that’s the same throughout South East Asia) and my personal pet peeve, the traffic is horrendous. Nonetheless, I fell completely head over heels in love with Vietnam.

Maybe it’s the resilience of the Vietnamese or the beauty in places like Ha Long Bay. Whatever it may be, I loved every minute of it. We spent a month travelling around Vietnam, there were so many things to see and do. Each and every part of Vietnam has something unique and different to offer. Now you’re probably wondering what makes Vietnam such an incredibly wonderful country?


It has History

Vietnam has a complex history making it a country that is rich in culture. While they may paint a somewhat questionable picture with their take on the Vietnam war, it is still fascinating. I would just advise that you take some of the information with a pinch of salt. You can visit the prison in Hanoi, The War museum, Cu Chi Tunnels and plenty more all offering an insight into the incredible history of Vietnam.

The Coffee Culture

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world. This is definitely apparent by the incredible coffee scene in Vietnam. Beth was obsessed with the Vietnamese coffee, her favourite being the iced coffee topped off with condensed milk, this gave it its sticky sweetness. Even if you don’t drink much coffee at home you must give it a try. Plus it’s always the cheapest coffee on the menu.


For me the architecture in Vietnam is fascinating. Hoi Ann’s yellow city blew me away. While you still have the look and feel you expect to find in South East Asia, it was the buildings that had a European twist that struck me. I put this down to the colonial influence on the country, but the contrast definitely brings a unique flavour to Vietnam.

Cheap As Chips (But Cheaper)

I think it was the cheapest place we visited in South East Asia. It cost around 50p for a beer, because at the end of the day it all comes down to how cheap the beer is. It was actually cheaper than water. Accommodation was cheap too, it  cost us around 3 to 5 pounds a night to stay in a double room which was actually pretty decent. I really want to come back to Vietnam with a bit more of a luxury budget and spend all my money at the tailors in Hoi Ann.


Vietnam is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. With a little help from Ha Long Bay you can’t argue that the country isn’t stunning. When we visited  Ha Long Bay there was a mist hanging over the place, giving it a mystical feel. The coastline also offers glorious beaches and ocean views.

Vietnam was my favourite place in South East Asia. If you look past the oncoming traffic, you will realise it’s a spectacular country full of  beauty and culture and a country I definitely hope to return to someday.

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  1. Thank you Jesssie! Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have some affinity with India in terms of script and culture. Vietnam has a lot of spunk; they have fought with the Americans and showed their grit to China, so, a lot of respect there! But, the room prices of 2-5 GBP is definitely a steal deal.

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