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Why I Started Blogging

Why I Started Blogging

I first started a blog many years ago; which I deleted. I was young and looking back it was dreadful. A few years later I began another on wordpress. I kept this blog up for a few years. I wasn’t an avid blogger, but I had some followers (I guess). However, I always wanted to start my own self-hosted site, I wanted to take blogging a little more seriously.

After I quit my job to travel the world I decided to take the plunge and fork out some money for my own domain name. was born. So I started blogging about my travels.

Along side sharing my adventure with the world I also blog for other different reasons. Here are few reasons why I started blogging:

Blogging is a great way for me to practice my writing (my grammar can sometimes be awful). I studied Journalism at university and writing is something I wanted to scrub up on. I also wanted to develop my own voice. I’m extremely envious of those who have a certain way with words. Blogs that can make you chuckle or maybe even cry (but there probably won’t be any crying here). Blogs that take the reader on a journey. You can only get better with plenty of practice.

I’m also interested in Marketing and Social Media. I think Blogging is a great way to develop an online presence, and exploring how relationships are built online.

Also I love graphic design, I taught myself, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects (and still have a lot to learn). Here I can hopefully use these skills to make my site look professional, while learning new skills, gathering feedback and hopefully understand what I am good or bad at.

Blogging is definitely a great way to grow as a person, it gives you a place to share opinions and learn news things. It is something I really enjoy (as I am sure my fellow bloggers understand). There are now millions of bloggers out there. But, sometimes I wonder why others don’t, or why people look at you strange when you say you write a blog?

Here are some of the reasons I started a blog. Now it’s your turn.

Why did you start a blog?

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  1. Eli says

    I’m proud of u. I’m newby on blogging. I hope i can learn many from u. Tq jessie

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